Barcelona. The rythm of Catalunya. Con 4 Music CDs

Barcelona. The rythm of Catalunya. Con 4 Music CDs
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ISBN: 978-39-3740-692-3
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Τίτλος: Barcelona. The rythm of Catalunya. Con 4 Music CDs
Συγγραφέας: Petra Horn

Σελίδες: 124 / Σκληρόδετη έγχρωμη έκδοση 
Θεματική Κατηγορία: Música: estilos y géneros


  •  Συλλεκτική έκδοση / Έκδοση εξαντλημένη στον εκδότη 

​It is not surprising that many people sing this city's praises. The Catalan capital gives new impulses to its visitors with unrivaled ease in the form of beauty and pleasure. The photographs in this coffee-table book have been inspired by the vitality of the city where life moves effortlessly between tradition and modernity.

Music CDs: Joyful alternative pop and catchy progressive rock as well as romantic Canciones Traditionales and the wide scale of music from jazz to flamenco capture the variety of Barcelona's music scene.

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