Ghost - Seeking stories + CD Audio

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ISBN: 978-88-203-5041-3
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Τίτλος: Ghost - Seeking Stories + CD Audio
Συγγραφέας: David Herbert Lawrence

Σελίδες: 82
Θεματική Κατηγορία: Hoepli Readers


  • Level B1 - B2

Ghost story writers create a special atmosphere. Therefore traditional haunted settings: old isolated houses, lonely churchyards, castles, convents, empty narrow streets at night, are heavily relied upon. The stories told by Benson and Bierce have tremendous power to chill and alarm. Benson's stories tell us about the relationship between ghosts and human beings, as well as between good and evil and most important of all, they entertain. Bierce's stories tell us about things in the human world that man can't see or hear, things that can't be explained rationally, and the anxiety and fear that this revelation causes.

  • This volume (accompanied by an Audio-CD) offers the opportunity to enjoy three original short stories while learning at the same time. All the activities aim to integrate the various language skills.
  • A final section is dedicated to haunted places in Britain. 

The works are accompanied by ample teaching material aimed at improving vocabulary, developing reading skills, reinforcing grammar structures and attaining a greater level of comprehension. Specific dossiers expand upon the aspects regarding the historical and cultural context of the work. The audio-CD contains the recording of the text.

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