Language Hungry!

Language Hungry!
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ISBN: 978-3-902504-78-4
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Τίτλος: Language Hungry!
Συγγραφέας: Tim Murphey

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Language Hungry! teaches you how to learn in an effective way while exploiting your brain's potential. You will learn not to waste time and resources, have more control over your thoughts and increase your fun and success within the classroom.
Language Hungry! stimulates passion for learning and so makes the reader “hungry for language!”
Language Hungry! is appropriate for students and teachers of all levels. It contains a large variety of ideas and stories which invite the reader to experiment with new skills, new ideas and positive ways which favour success in language acquisition.
Language Hungry! combines complex and fascinating theories with simple, practical suggestions as to how to apply them to your teaching or learning.


Tim Murphey (author)

Tim Murphey has studied and taught in Europe for 15 years and in Asia for another 15. At present, he teaches at Kanda University of International Studies in Japan. He researches student voice, motivation, and Vygotskian socio cultural theory. He loves teaching, juggling, skiing and finding positive ways to teach and learn.

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