Our Values


One of the most important and desirable characteristics of each new member of our company is loyalty, which in addition to being a universal value that applies both to personal and work situations, causes in the person an identification with the company, a “feeling in Casa “, makes him familiar with the logo, its products, its services, and so on. Loyalty in a team represents “putting on the shirt”, join efforts to give better results, achieve integration with feelings of well-being, security and belonging.


Our purpose in Libreria Español Nikolopoulos is “The Service to our customers” and the quality of our products.


We are all responsible for our actions and the proper functioning of the company requires that this quality be reflected in several aspects, such as. Punctuality, the proper development of the work that corresponds to each one, the good use of time inside and outside the company, the care that is taken when handling the equipment.


We seek at all times, that all employees of the company communicate, achieving synergy between departments and collaborators, always seeking the integration of the “Libreria Española Nikolopoulos” team.


Editorial and Publishing House of Libreria Española Nikolopoulos maintains a constant process of updating, in order to offer constant growth to our clients, employees and shareholders.


Libreria Española Nikolopoulos tries to cultivate in each one of its collaborators, who are versatile, that they develop the capacity to manage themselves, their own fears and expectations, to relate effectively with the others in all instances of work, personal or team


Libreria Española Nikolopoulos is looking for staff to take actions consistent with their values, to be consistent with purpose and values ​​in all personal and business actions. The opinion of our collaborators is very important for the operation of our company.


An honest person is an integral person who can be trusted. The trust we place in our staff is the same that we offer, a clean and honest treatment is always a guarantee of success, We firmly believe that: “HONESTY GENERATES HONESTY” TRUST:Libreria Española Nikolopoulos relies on its collaborators, the company maintains a working climate that allows the realization of the activities in a free way, seeking with that the staff contribute ideas and be productive.


In our priority commitment the development of company personnel, through training programs, internal promotion, equal opportunities and intellectual enrichment, so that Libreria Española Nikolopoulos can count on the best qualified personnel of the environment in which the company operates. The chances of promotion for each employee depend on their effort and personal capacity. It is the policy of the company to give its staff opportunities to fill existing vacancies at the higher levels, before resorting to external sources of recruitment.