Libreria Española NIKOLOPOULOS became officially the only professional hispanic Bookstore across Greece, with exclusive representations of most publishing houses in Spain and Latin America to Greece and Cyprus, as the Grupo Anaya (Algaida, Algaida Novela , Alianza Editorial, Anaya ELE, Anaya Educación, Anaya Infantil y Juvenil, Anaya Multimedia, Anaya Touring, Barcanova, Bruño escolar, Bruño edición general, Bóveda, Cátedra, Larousse, Oberon, Pirámide, Salvat libros, Tecnos, Trotamundos, Vox, Xerais , GAESA, RUBIÑOS, ANAYA ENGLISH), the Grupo editorial Octaedro, the Grupo Santillana, the SGEL / Sociedad General Libreria Española (exclusive securities traded against) etc. and the import and distribution of all Hispanics publishers as SGEL / Sociedad General Libreria Española (all titles), en Clave ELE (all titles), Edelsa, Edinumen, Difusión etc.

Today Libreria Española NIKOLOPOULOS holds the leading position in the Hispanic book, expanded its activities with Portuguese, Brazilian and Italian paper, which conscientiously, professionally, and relying on years of knowledge of the members of the space books, Greek and foreign language, but also to their years of experience in the publishing field, created the Libreria Española NIKOLOPOULOS International, a subject of the representation, import and distribution of foreign books in English, French, German, Holland, Turkish, Russian, Chinese and other languages less common, such as Farsi (Persian).

Also part of the form and Publications Libreria Española NIKOLOPOULOS, directed the issuance of foreign securities learning of languages, dictionaries, grammar books, bilingual, and Literature.

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